Check your credit history  

Your credit history, including your financial obligations such as: cards, car installments, personal finance, is verified through a database (SIMAH) where your credit information is kept and updated continuously. Of course, the better your credit history, the greater chance you have to get a new or additional financing on good terms.

If you really want to deal intelligently with finance, your financing history will be really positive. A good (credit) history will benefit you a lot.

Pay your bills on time (not just finance installments). The sooner you prove your payment on time, the better. But if you have a bad credit record, for example, when you are trying hard to repay the installments, be sure to follow that long before you maintain a good credit record before applying for new financing that meets your needs.

You have to be aware of your credit history and you have to organize it, this will help you understand finance companies judgment.