Know your rights is one of the most important elements of the transparency program in Saudi Finance Company.

  • Product Explanation:You have the right to ensure that the branch, call center employee has a detailed explanation of the product and the characteristics and benefits of each financing product.
  • Disclosure of commissions and Management fees: You have the right to be aware of the fees and commissions of the Saudi Finance Company. If the Company’s employees do not disclose it, you have the right to file a complaint.
  • Contract Explanation: You have the right to ensure that the Saudi Finance Company’s employees have provided you with a detailed explanation of the terms and contents of the contract.
  • Copy of the financing contract: Please make sure you have received a copy of your original contract with Saudi Finance Company.
  • Summary of your obligations: The company employee will provide you with a summary of your obligations including: type of financing, amount of financing, total amount due, payoff schedule, due dates, amount of premiums, annual profit rate.
  • Receipts: You must ensure that you have the required receipts for any financial transactions executed within any of the branches of the Saudi Finance Company.
  • Suggestions and Complaints: This service is one of the customer care unit service as it is a specialized unit to receive suggestions, opinions and complaints of customers in order to develop the services provided to our customers and upgrade it to the level that satisfies the aspirations of our customers through the following channels:
  1. Our Free Line : 8001240220
  2. Website from here
  3. Complaint Email: